Raghunath Temple

raghuThe most outstanding landmark and famous tourist attraction in Jammu is the Raghunath Temple. Raghunath Temple is situated in the heart of the city and surrounded by a group of other temples. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, and one of the largest temple complexes in the North India. The work on its construction was started by Maharaja Gulab Singh, founder of the principality of Jammu and Kashmir, in 1835 AD and was completed by his son,Maharaja Ranbir Singh, in 1860 AD. The temple consists of seven shrines and each shrine has a simple tower. The tower over the central shrine is curvlinear. Its fluted surface, arches and niches indicate a Mughal influence. The inner walls of the main temple are covered with gold sheet on three sides. There are many galleries with innumerable ‘saligrams’. The surrounding temples are dedicated to various Hindu deities from the epic Ramayana, images of Vishnu in various incarnations, Shiva and Surya. There is also a stone lingam here and is a great centre for the Shakti worship. The portrait of Ranbir Singh and a sculpture of Hanuman are situated at the entrance.