Houseboats Bookings

Live The Dream Tour and Travels,%,%is also among the ,%one of the Jammu & Kashmirs ,%largest Hopuseboats Network, offers the best prices on Houseboat Accommodation in Srinagar City.,%Live The Dream Tour and Travels,%,%is providing the best deals on Houseboat Accommodations.
Live The Dream Tour and Travels,%,%works in close coordination direct with the Houseboat Owners and also with the Houseboat Owners Assiotiation in the Srinagar City. We provide ,%range of Houseboats from Class “A” to Class “C”.

The Houseboats are located in some popular water bodies in Kashmir like Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Jehlum River are very famous and a pleasure to stay in. Among these, luxury houseboats, with features no less than luxury Hotel rooms.

Houseboats are made from hard wood with exquisite carved designs and elegant furniture. The rooms are placed in a singular line one after the other and feature living room, bed rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. These floating five-star rooms are the most sought among accommodations by tourists.

So far as furnishing is concerned, the floor is often covered with silk and woolen carpets, rugs and the walls are decorated with wall hangings. Elegant sofas, divans and wooden chairs further add to the classic ambience. Drapery features hand woven designs and beddings are also comfy. Bathrooms are often fitted with bath tubs and Jacuzzi and there is provision for hot and cold water.